Terror Grips the Beach - This adventure begins in Lancaster, Ohio, and quickly returns to the beach, where Mickke D ends up in a tangled web of terrorist and drug dealers

Welcome to the Web Site  of author Steve McMillen. Steve has received numerous reviews and awards for his imaginative storytelling and insightful fictional writing. He was voted 2017 Author of the Year by the South Carolina Women's Magazine. We invite you to pull up a chair and explore Steve's writings and reviews.

Murder on the Front Nine: Mickke D is drawn into an assassination investigation by three of his old Army buddies who he hasn't seen in over fifteen years. It's a tale of assassinations, betrayal, black ops, corrupt politicians, big oil, a Colombian Cartel, and a treasure hunt off the coast of Pawleys Island.

Steve McMillen.

Cougars at the Beach: Mickke D gets involved in a missing persons case and soon discovers he is searching for a serial killer who is also searching for him. The action takes place up and down the Grand Strand, including the Boardwalk, the Sky Wheel, local restaurants, a wine festival and a boat chase on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Death on Mt. Pleasant: Mickke D goes back to his hometown of Lancaster, Ohio to help an old high school friend figure out if his friend's sister's death was an accident or a horrific homicide. The story returns to Myrtle Beach and then advances to a wild finish in the Caribbean.