Alice wrote: finished reading "Death on Mt. Pleasant" last evening! Couldn't lay it down! I normally don't like mysteries but this one was SO good I started to re-read it to "get" what I missed. Will read your other two next.


Christopher wrote: I was chatting to my mum yesterday morning. She lives back in the UK and she was praising your books to the highest. She only reads crime and detective novels and she actually said yours was the best she had read, that includes the likes of, Childs, Rankin, Patterson, et al. You have a very big fan!!

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Steve and his lovely bride Beverly reside in Little River, South Carolina. They are originally from Lancaster, Ohio. Steve is a US Army veteran and his background is  Sales & Marketing. He spent over twenty years in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Steve McMillen.

Suzanne wrote: Your books are the best I have read and I talked about them at my book club. I have everyone hooked on you. Please tell me you have a 4th book coming soon.