Chris wrote: Well, I spoke with my mum yesterday and for the first half hour of our conversation, which normally starts out with family updates and the usual, was spent on her telling me how much she loved "Terror Grips the Beach". She could not stop raving about it. She said she actually got annoyed when my brother popped around to see her because she had to stop reading. She is ready for the next one.

Elaine wrote:.While I have copies of all of your books and have read them all, I must declare that this latest one is the best of all. It's a page turner and hard to put down! I read it at rapid speed yet wanted it to go on and on. Please write another one post haste.

Donna Y wrote: I just finished reading Death on Mt. Pleasant and I have to tell you I love it. I had a hard time putting it down. Now I'm reading Murder on the Front Nine. You are a great author. Please keep writing them and please let me know when the next one is out.

Eleanor wrote:.I loved your murder mystery, "Death on Mt. Pleasant",and once I got going, couldn't put it down! Enjoyed your style of "light" murder mystery infused with humor. If we go back to OH to visit, I'm going to be looking for that boat docked at Papa Boos.