Karen wrote: I purchased all three of your books in Little River about 3 weeks ago. Great reading. I am loving them. I didn't realize how much I missed picking up a book until I picked yours up.Thanks for igniting my passion for reading again. I look forward to the next Mickke D adventure.

Paul wrote: Steve, it was a pleasure meeting you at Harbour View G.C. You signed a copy of your book "Murder on the Front Nine" to my daughter Rachel! I absolutely enjoyed it! Once I started reading it, I could not put it down! Great story, great characters and incredible suspense! Terrific in every way!

Steve McMillen.

Terror Grips the Beach: He is wearing dark sunglasses. He has on jeans, and a t-shirt, boots, and a ball cap, which is not exactly  beachwear attire. However, the thing that gets my attention is that he is wearing a backpack. He passes us and stops about halfway to the lapping waves of the ocean, in a rather crowded area. He takes off his backpack and places it gently on the sand. He waits about 30 seconds and then walks north along the beach. Alarms go off in my head as he abruptly turns and cuts diagonally back toward the beach access path and away from his backpack

Page wrote:  The plot grabs your attention on the first page. The author portrays his settings as well as his characters with vivid detail. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever visited or wants to visit the "Grand Strand". Good job Steve,


Jim wrote: This book is a real gem of whodunit, murder, suspense and a bunch of subplots that got me interested from the first page. I was unable to put it down until I finished the book. It's a very different murder mystery and it's a light, fun read..

Death on Mt. Pleasant:  On the other end of the phone is the man she is there to meet. He tells her he has changed his mind about meeting her in the open parking lot, and now wants their meeting to take place up on the mountain. She pauses. Her history with Mt. Pleasant sends a coursed shiver through her. She hates heights, and she is petrified of Mt. Pleasant. Nevertheless, knowing how important this story is to her and the entire community, she ignores her personal fears and agrees.

Kent wrote:  Good story, enjoyed the read and use of Myrtle Beach area locales, and some very interesting characters. With all the action along the beach and around water, it has a little Clive Cussler/Dirk Pitt novel feel to it.

Tom wrote: Riveting murder mystery. The author pays great attention to detail. Action packed!.

Barb wrote: I just had to tell you that I've finished your book and really, really liked it. I can't wait for the next one. Once I got started, I couldn't put it down. Congratulations. This is quite an accomplishment.

Nikki wrote:  Your book was cleverly written and such an enjoyable read throughout the book. It was filled with much creativity and suspense with original and logical ideas throughout the read. It was very interesting to read a mystery that was in a real world setting. Great job!

Susan wrote: Steve, I just finished "Murder on the Front Nine" . I loved it. Action packed barely describes it. Very clever, and very well done. Congratulations!

Butch wrote: I really enjoyed the book. I enjoy short chapters that make an important statement. I enjoyed your characters and I love how fast paced it was. Thank you for such a good read.

Murder on the Front Nine:   I heard my cute freckle-face twenty-eight year old overnight guest leave around 6:30 this morning. No good-bye, just a note which read, Mickke D,been fun but my boyfriend will be back in town tomorrow. See ya, pops. Stunned by the "pops" comment, I walk into the bathroom and with blurry eyes, gaze soulfully into the mirror. Staring back at me is a forty-five year old single male about 6'1" 190 pounds with sandy blond hair, who looks to be in good shape when he pulls his stomach in and throws his shoulders back. Maybe not the buff, ex-Green Beret he was after mustering out of the Army fifteen years ago, but not a "pops".

Janis wrote: I enjoyed reading this novel, It was a great read full of suspense. Hope there is a sequel.

Cougars at the Beach:  Detective Concille asks, "Do you know what a cougar is?"

     I reply, "Sure, it's a large brown cat that lives in the mountains."

     "No, I mean a female cougar.:

     "Of course, a large brown female cat that lives in the mountains."

     "Very funny. A cougar is defined as a female over forty who dates a male at least eight years younger than her."

     "Oh, that kind of cougar. Do they really exist?" I ask.

     "Oh yes, they exist big time here at the beach. But they are a very discreet and an almost closed society."